Testimonials for Julia’s teaching




As an adult piano beginner, it’s extremely hard not only for the student, but also a big challenge for the teacher. Julia never gives up and encourages me and keeps trying to find the best way to do things. I have been learning for one year and find her patient, generous and smart. I feel so blessed. JL

Julia has taught several of our children and we have found her to be fantastic. She loves music and wants to share that gift, and does so in a way that is unerringly positive and individualised to the chuld’s needs and musical desires. She is happy to meet them where they’re at and take them from there, whether that be exams or just Music for music’s sake, with a contemporary or more classical slant. JR

Her  easy manner was encouraging for our children…as she always strives to make lessons fun, enjoyable, relevant and interesting.  JR


I am taking keyboard lessons from Julia. I truly have landed on my feet. Julia advised the right sort of keyboard for me. She organises Music for me. Just making the nerve-wracking process of starting a new instrument so late in my life was made easier by Julia’s patience, positivity and professionalism. Every lesson is a pleasure. I would recommend Julia highly, having been a schoolteacher. Julia comes to my home.  HT


Julia’s warm teaching style and extensive knowledge mean that I look forward to my lesson every week. Julia gives me gorgeous music to learn, that takes my interests into account. She encourages me to stretch myself while understanding that life for an adult learner can get busy sometimes. I feel a great sense of achievement when I see how much I have learned in 4 years. Julia’s teaching style and effort have been integral to that achievement.  JH

Julia is an outstanding music teacher.

she has a wonderful positive fun and engaging approach to teaching. She creates a relaxed enjoyable environment for students to learn, perform and stretch at their own pace. We also have really appreciated her coming to our house and being flexible. We are very impressed with the progress our daughter has made under Julia’s tutelage.  GM